Some of our learning this week

We have been busy in Te Kete Kākano this week learning so many things. It is so close to the school holidays but we are still listening and focused on our learning.


We have been learning how to draw simple animals just by using lines. Our art focus for this term has been drawing and line, so this activity was perfect. We have had to listen and watch very carefully so we knew what each step was. Here you can see us waiting patiently with our hands on our heads for our next instruction, us hard at work, and some of our finished products. This week we learnt how to draw a bee, a fish, and the face of a cat. We love art here in TKK 💛


Miss Wallace's whānau group took advantage of the sun on Wednesday this week and took a trip outdoors to do their maths. We used chalk and wrote numbers, drew shapes and fractions, did some simple addition and subtraction and found numbers already painted on the courts. We had so much fun and got to show our learning in different ways.